Today is the International Day of Happiness.

I just wanted to let you know that because now you have the perfect excuse to ditch all your worries and just smile. Dance like a crazy person. Talk to your friends and family. And just be happy.

Happy Happiness Day!

Veronika x

Netflix Recommendations III: 5 Things to Watch

Like every anti-social millennial ever, I spend a lot of time on Netflix. Like, a lot a lot. So much so that if I type the letter ‘n’ in my browser, Netflix is the first thing that comes up, beating my own blog and also my online banking. Oops.

As I watch so much Netflix, I feel like it is my duty to pass on my knowledge and write these posts about the things I watch. You know, so other people don’t have to face the cruel reality of social life and have some ideas for the sweet escape that Netflix so kindly provides. I’ve already done two of these (one on Once Upon a Time and one on The Crown) and I decided to spice things up a little with part 3: that is, I will recommend 5 series, not just one! How crazy is that?!

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Watch the Classics with me #1: The Breakfast Club (1985)

As my first ever episode of Watch the Classics with me (read more about the ‘Classics series’ here, where I explain the concept and talk about Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein), I decided to write about this great film I’ve only seen fairly recently. Yes, you guessed it from the title: it’s The Breakfast Club.

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Learning German on the go: Top 10 German songs to listen to

Learning a foreign language is a challenging and lifelong process. It requires a lot of energy and dedication. To truly master a language, it is not nearly enough to just go to lectures and learn all the grammar and set vocab lists. You need to immerse yourself in it, to experience it not only as a learning material but as something that is a part of your everyday life (which is what a language is – it’s not something you memorize, it’s something you live). With some languages it is easier than with others – for example, surrounding yourself with English is not difficult at all, as English already is everywhere (think of most of the songs you hear on the radio, most of the films and TV shows you watch etc.). But what if you want to learn another language? Well, that’s what I’m here for!

In this post I decided to share with you my 10 favourite German songs that I, a student of the German language, listen to all the time. Listening to music is something you can do on the go and if the songs you listen to are in your target language, you’re having fun & you’re learning at the same time. I understand how hard it can be to find some good songs in your target language that you enjoy listening to. Hopefully this list will give you some inspiration and motivation to improve your German. (And even if you don’t learn German, you can still listen to these. They are great songs, no matter the language.)

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Read the Classics with me #1: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

There are so many books & films that are considered to be classics. One might even say that to count them all would be impossible. I like to believe that I am a huge geek and nerd by nature: which is the reason I’ve always had this strong desire to be this well-read, cultured person. If you’ve read my last life-update post, you know that I decided to act on this wish of mine and read and watch as many ‘classics’ as I can. And why not take you on this exciting journey with me?

Raise your glass! This is the first ever episode of Read the Classics with me. This one is all about Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

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How to stay focused: tips for better studying

If you are anything like me, you often experience the can’t-stay-focused procrastination. The will is there but your brain keeps running away and instead of thinking about German grammar, you end up imagining your future career as a popstar. This can be a huge problem when you really really need to study for that super important exam you have in two days. And as I know and understand this struggle oh too well myself, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite things to do when I need to get in the study mindset.

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Back on track: Germany, veganism and classics

Well. It has now been more than a month since the last time I wrote a post. (That is well shameful!~ says my Catherine Tate inner fangirl) I think it’s time to fix that, don’t you?

To explain what has been happening in my life would probably take too long and it wouldn’t be too interesting anyway. Instead of talking about the past, I wanted to focus on the future: that is, to share with you some of my plans for the next couple of months and what they mean for you, my dear readers.

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Top 5 Films of 2017

I love films. I watch them all the time, I go to the cinema as much as I can and my Netflix list is probably as long as the Great Wall of China. I love films because they offer escape, entertainment and a good excuse to snack on unhealthy food. They are also my favourite kind of social activity (because you get to be quiet and not social at all, yet it still counts as spending time with people).

2017 has brought many films to the table. I was excited to see many of them and I went to the cinema so many times. I have made a list of all the films I watched, and I picked my favourite five to share with you.

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