August Favourites: Nerd Edition

August has gone, September is here. That means less lying about and more studying, working and being tired. Yay! (To be honest, that ‘yay’ is only half-sarcastic.)

Before we all get into our September mode and start being all serious again, I’d like to celebrate the month that August 2017 was. I got to travel a lot, see and do loads of things and I really enjoyed myself these last 30 days. Therefore it comes as no surprise at all that I have many favourites from this past month that I’d like to share with you guys.

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Ranking Game of Thrones Seasons 1-7

Game of Thrones – almost everyone’s favourite TV Show. A show so popular that even my parents from the Czech Republic who don’t really care for foreign TV have heard of it. A show so popular that I genuinly cannot think of anyone who has not seen at least one episode of it. Well, what can I say – it’s just great.

Since season 7 finished not long ago, I’ve been thinking about GoT a lot. About the characters, the plot, what’s going to happen next etc. I knew I wanted to write something about it and to be completely honest, I got like a hundred different ideas for posts (not all of them good, of course). And since there are now 7 seasons out there, I thought it might be a good idea to try and rank them from the worst to the best season. Because who doesn’t like a good ranking list?

If you aren’t familiar with the show then consider yourself warned: there will be some spoilers in this post. Sorry.

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Amsterdam Markets: Bloemenmarkt, Noordermarkt, Albert Cuyp Markt

One of the first things I came across when reading up on Amsterdam was that this city is famous for its many markets. You can totally avoid going to the shops and just using markets as there are so many of them and you can get there literally anything.

On our trip to Amsterdam my sister and I decided to visit a few of these markets. We really wanted to see the most famous ones: Albert Cuyp and Bloemenmarkt (and we did). On Saturday we also came across this other market – Noordermarkt – which actually turned out to be our favourite. As I think these markets are very interesting, I decided to share with you guys our experience and photos.

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Why I decided to study languages

“I am a language student. I am a Czech person who lives in the UK and studies German and Italian. In English. I also decided to take on Japanese in my second year.”

When I say this to people, some of them think I am nuts. They ask if it’s hard. (It is.) They ask why I don’t study something more useful like economics. They ask why I study foreign languages in a foreign language. They ask and ask and ask and they question my decisions. I can’t blame them – not everyone gets it. But there is a reason why I did this, why I voluntarily chose a life where I will always struggle to find the right word in the right language because there are so many words in so many languages that I could use instead.

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