Exams are over and apparently I’m a nerd.

It as been ten days since my last exam. It has also been far too long since my last blog post. So, here I am, trying to make things right and get back into blogging semi-regularly, because I enjoy it and I did actually miss it a lot.

As this is now almost a tradition, I decided to catch you guys up on what has been happening in my life during the last few weeks. For some unexplicable reason people seem to enjoy these, even though I am not 100% sure why someone would care about my daily mishaps. But hey, if you like it and it makes you feel good, who am I to deny you these? (To be fair, I quite enjoy writing them anyway.)

So, what’s new in my life you ask? Well…

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Darryl Whitefeather Is The Bisexual Character We All Deserve

For the last couple of days I’ve been doing a massive binge-watching session of the series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I’ve heard about the show before but I didn’t know much about it. But then on one lazy afternoon, after finishing Everything Sucks! and wanting to watch some more relatable LGBT content, I decided to google. And I googled and googled and finally settled on watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend because of two things the show promised: super weird songs and a bi character.

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Today is the International Day of Happiness.

I just wanted to let you know that because now you have the perfect excuse to ditch all your worries and just smile. Dance like a crazy person. Talk to your friends and family. And just be happy.

Happy Happiness Day!

Veronika x

Midnight Thoughts: Why I don’t like criticising art

It is currently 11:30 pm. I’ve just finished watching The Age of Adaline (what a great film) and I’m waiting for my roommate to come home from a karaoke night. I’ve also not been feeling well these past two days so I spent most of them lying in bed or on my couch, trying to get a bit better. Which means I’ve had a lot of time to think – hence this post.

It is no secret that I am a huge geek. I love all sorts of different books, TV shows, films; my playlist is just a mix of ‘oldies’ and weird youtube parody songs (although… define weird). I also did theatre for about 7 years of my life and I’ve seen a lot of performances during that time. Not all of them were great and there were definitely times when I would tell my not-so-positive opinion quite loudly and openly. I didn’t see anything wrong with me talking down on someone’s performance… that it until I gave that some thought.

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Busy bee | Second year is hard, man!

I haven’t posted anything during the last month (or a bit over a month, okay, I get it). Oops.

I would say I’m sorry but that wouldn’t be right: I mean, I am sorry that I didn’t have time to write something but I actually didn’t have time. But now I am back and even though there are still many things going on in my life right now, I am ready to come back to my blog and try to keep up with my newest schedule!

As my comeback post, I decided to write some of the things I achieved/did/failed last month. It was a really busy time for me and I’m honestly so happy that it’s slowing down for a bit now. Yay!

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Why is media representation important?

We live in a digital age. Every other conversation we have revolves around what we’ve seen on TV, what we’ve read, who tweeted what. Now more than ever we get to “know” so many people without actually meeting them. We see famous, beautiful people all around us. We see what the world considers perfect, important, normal. And this affects our everyday life greatly.

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Why I decided to study languages

“I am a language student. I am a Czech person who lives in the UK and studies German and Italian. In English. I also decided to take on Japanese in my second year.”

When I say this to people, some of them think I am nuts. They ask if it’s hard. (It is.) They ask why I don’t study something more useful like economics. They ask why I study foreign languages in a foreign language. They ask and ask and ask and they question my decisions. I can’t blame them – not everyone gets it. But there is a reason why I did this, why I voluntarily chose a life where I will always struggle to find the right word in the right language because there are so many words in so many languages that I could use instead.

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