Midnight Thoughts: Why I don’t like criticising art

It is currently 11:30 pm. I’ve just finished watching The Age of Adaline (what a great film) and I’m waiting for my roommate to come home from a karaoke night. I’ve also not been feeling well these past two days so I spent most of them lying in bed or on my couch, trying to get a bit better. Which means I’ve had a lot of time to think – hence this post.

It is no secret that I am a huge geek. I love all sorts of different books, TV shows, films; my playlist is just a mix of ‘oldies’ and weird youtube parody songs (although… define weird). I also did theatre for about 7 years of my life and I’ve seen a lot of performances during that time. Not all of them were great and there were definitely times when I would tell my not-so-positive opinion quite loudly and openly. I didn’t see anything wrong with me talking down on someone’s performance… that it until I gave that some thought.

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Busy bee | Second year is hard, man!

I haven’t posted anything during the last month (or a bit over a month, okay, I get it). Oops.

I would say I’m sorry but that wouldn’t be right: I mean, I am sorry that I didn’t have time to write something but I actually didn’t have time. But now I am back and even though there are still many things going on in my life right now, I am ready to come back to my blog and try to keep up with my newest schedule!

As my comeback post, I decided to write some of the things I achieved/did/failed last month. It was a really busy time for me and I’m honestly so happy that it’s slowing down for a bit now. Yay!

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Why I decided to study languages

“I am a language student. I am a Czech person who lives in the UK and studies German and Italian. In English. I also decided to take on Japanese in my second year.”

When I say this to people, some of them think I am nuts. They ask if it’s hard. (It is.) They ask why I don’t study something more useful like economics. They ask why I study foreign languages in a foreign language. They ask and ask and ask and they question my decisions. I can’t blame them – not everyone gets it. But there is a reason why I did this, why I voluntarily chose a life where I will always struggle to find the right word in the right language because there are so many words in so many languages that I could use instead.

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