Read the Classics with me #1: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

There are so many books & films that are considered to be classics. One might even say that to count them all would be impossible. I like to believe that I am a huge geek and nerd by nature: which is the reason I’ve always had this strong desire to be this well-read, cultured person. If you’ve read my last life-update post, you know that I decided to act on this wish of mine and read and watch as many ‘classics’ as I can. And why not take you on this exciting journey with me?

Raise your glass! This is the first ever episode of Read the Classics with me. This one is all about Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

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October Favourites: Nerd Edition

I can’t believe October is over! It’s gone by so fast. Now it’s November which means two things: 1) more cosy jumpers and, 2) Christmas is coming, alert, alert, I need to start thinking about presents! Anyway, not to get ahead of myself: let me just appreciate October for the great month it was by sharing with you some of my favourites – geeky style, of course.

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August Favourites: Nerd Edition

August has gone, September is here. That means less lying about and more studying, working and being tired. Yay! (To be honest, that ‘yay’ is only half-sarcastic.)

Before we all get into our September mode and start being all serious again, I’d like to celebrate the month that August 2017 was. I got to travel a lot, see and do loads of things and I really enjoyed myself these last 30 days. Therefore it comes as no surprise at all that I have many favourites from this past month that I’d like to share with you guys.

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