My Favourite Youtubers | veganism, minimalism, study channels and more

I used to watch YouTube all the time. Every day I would go on the site and watch videos for at least an hour, usually more. There were days that I spent only watching videos and not doing anything else. These were the times when I used to watch a lot of makeup and haul videos, cared more about consumerism than the environment.

Of course, those days are now gone. During the last two years, a lot has changed in my life. I am now more conscious about the choices I make and about the way I spent my free time. I don’t spend hours on YouTube every day anymore. However, I do still watch some videos ocassionally: mainly the type that inspires me and makes me want to do better, be better.

When I was obsessed with YouTube, I would watch Zoella, Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg and a lot of random Primark haul videos. Right now, I watch some lessser-known creators (I do still watch Dan and Phil and Marzia who really can’t be considered small). It took me a while to find ones that I genuinely enjoy watching and that’s why I’m writing this post. Having to look for great content is often an almost impossible task – but, maybe, if I share some of my favourites, you will find one or two you can also enjoy.

Madeleine Olivia

Madeleine is by far my favourite youtuber out there. If I’m watching YouTube, chances is are it will be one of Maddie’s videos. She makes a lot of great and inspiring content, mostly centered around veganism and minimalism. She shares her tips and tricks to help you make life easier and more environmetally-friendly. Her videos always left me feeling calm and hopeful.

Mariana’s Study Corner

Mariana is a youtuber from Portugal (don’t worry, her videos are in English) who mostly focuses on study and organisation tips. I found her channel quite a long time ago but I always come back to it when I’m feeling a bit lost and disorganised. Plus, the aesthetics of her channel are so beautiful and colourful which makes it all the more enjoyable.


Now, I do realize that PJ is not exactly a small youtuber but I simply think he does not get enough attention considering the amount of creativity and effort that you can see behind each and every one of his videos. It’s difficult for me to try to explain PJ. He does comedy, he is a film maker, he is one of the most creative people out there. A word that comes to mind is “weird” but I mean that in a very positive way – he’s just so different and unique and silly and there are no words to describe what he’s making. You’ll just have to see for yourself.

Ruby Granger

Ruby’s favourite words is ‘productivity’ and her biggest inspiration was Hermione Granger. She is the most Hermione-like person I’ve seen anywhere and I think she might actually be super-human. She does these super long study sessions and then turns them into really great and entertaining “study with me videos”. She also shares her tips on how to become a better student. If you ever need an inspiration to get through that long study session you know is coming, just watch Ruby.


Lucy, or Loepsie, is a youtuber from the Netherlands and she is the closest to the type of videos I used to watch in my big “YouTube obsession period”. She makes beauty and fashion videos, but she focuses on cruelty free and vegan products. She has a beautiful smile and this positive vibe that I really love about her. She also makes a lot of “period inspired” videos (such as fashion from the 40s, makeup from the 60s etc.) which I, as a sucker for everything retro, absolutely adore.


Last but not least, Gavin is a youtuber I discovered quite recently but I cannot explain how much I love watching him. He is an American man who has decided to learn Czech (I believe he has relative in the CR) and makes videos about his journey and the progress he’s making. He’s videos always make me laugh and smile a lot, but it’s more than that: I, as a Czech person and a language enthusiast, do appreciate how extremely difficult it is to learn Czech. But here’s Gavin, doing a wonderful job, and it’s honestly so pure and inspiring and every time I see the progress he’s made in the last year and a half, I kick myself to work harder, to get better.


So, these are all the youtubers I wanted to share with you. There are a couple more that I watch (such as PickUpLimes, Daniele Doesn’t Matter, Evan Edinger and newly Cyprien) but the ones I mentioned are honestly my absolute favourites and I sincerely hope you check them out.

Let me know who you like watching or if you watch YouTube at all. I’m always happy for questions and recommendations, so don’t be afraid to comment. Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day!

Veronika xx

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