Spring Favourites 2018 | April – June

June is now over and that means a lot of things: we only have two months of summer left, the weather is unusually warm (casual global warming panic attack), vegan ice-cream is often on sale and I only have a month before I’m leaving Scotland. The last one is particularly scary because next year I will be living in Hannover, Germany, trying not to die when communicating in my broken German every day. Sure, I am excited for this change, but also terrified. And more than anything right now, I am realizing I’m going to miss Glasgow very much. It has been my home for the last two years and yes, I will be coming back after my year abroad, but right now that seems so far away. I’m planning on really enjoying the time I have left in this wonderful city.

Much like I did the last time seasons changed, I wanted to welcome the summer of 2018 by celebrating what I loved this spring: one last good-bye to the old before we go all in with the new. It’s always difficult to choose only a few favourites because three months is plenty of time to see and do some amazing stuff. However, these below are the things I loved the most during the past ninety days.


Shawn Mendes – Nervous

I actually like a song that was released this year! (If you have been following my blog for some time now, you surely know by now that most of the songs I listen to tend not to be exactly new releases.) I’ve heard of Shawn Mendes before, but I’ve never listened to any of his music. For some reason though, YouTube suggested I listen to this song and I did. And I loved it. It has this vibe that reminds me of summer and I really enjoy it. It’s playful, it’s fun, it puts a smile on my face: just as good music should.

Ed Sheeran & Andrea Bocelli – Perfect Symphony

I love Ed Sheeran. I got his album Divide last year for my birthday and it made me super happy because I absolutely adore all the songs. Recently I found this version of Perfect and it’s… well, perfect. Andrea Bocelli has a beautiful voice and I love him almost as much as I love Ed. Plus, because I am a student of Italian, this song just makes me giddy.

The Greatest Showman – This Is Me

I can’t believe there are so many songs from this decade on the list! This June I finally watched The Greatest Showman and I really liked it. The soundtrack is just perfect, and this list would not be complete without at least one song from the film.

Maxine Nightingale – Right Back Where We Started From

I found this song by accident (it was in a trailer for a random film I’ve never actually watched). I immediately recognised it and knew I had to find out the name of it and add it to my Spotify playlist pronto. It’s the ideal song for singing in the shower (though be careful when dancing, I may or may not have come really close to falling in the shower… multiple times).

Mirai – Když nemůžeš, tak přidej

I don’t usually listen to Czech songs but I quite like this one. It’s about seizing the moment, not being lazy and living life to the fullest. There is nothing that is impossible and if you feel like you can’t go on, just step up a gear. It’s now one of my official workout songs.

REO Speedwagon – Can’t Fight This Feeling

This song was mentioned in a story I read last month, and I decided to listen to it for myself. It broke my heart so many times and I think this one is actually the favourite out of them all. I know, I’m just a big old sap, but hey – nothing new there, right?


I never thought of myself as a person who enjoys reality TV, yet, somehow, all of my favourites this spring were either reality or competition shows. But you know what? I regret nothing. All of these are just too good to make me question my tastes.

The Great British Bake Off

I started watching this in April when I found out some of the older seasons were added to Netflix. I’ve heard so much about this show and I am fully aware of how big and important part this plays in the life and culture of British people. And I don’t just mean older wives who are bored at home and watch this whilst ironing, I mean everyone. Last year when I was living in halls, all the people from the UK would go down every week to watch a new episode and all the group chats were overflowing with messages about how Val’s cake wasn’t the best, oops. I didn’t understand what all the hype was about but all it took was one episode and I was hooked. I totally binged-watched the last two seasons available on Netflix and it made me even more excited about baking and cooking. I even baked some bread (though I’m sure Paul would not approve.)

Queer Eye

Again, when this show got released at the start of this year, I didn’t understand the hype. Makeover show? That doesn’t sound like fun. Oh boy, how wrong was I! Queer Eye is by far the best thing I’ve watched in a very long time. It made me laugh, it made me cry (like ugly cry), but most importantly, it made me want to take better care of myself. I’m sure you will all be pleased to know that I now cook from fresh ingredients, clean my flat frequently and I have even established an actual skin care. All thanks to the Fab 5 who have inspired me so, so much.

Terrace House: Opening New Doors (Part 2)

I feel like I’ve mentioned Terrace House too many times on this blog already. But then again, I did watch it and enjoy it, so I can’t possibly not mention it. Part 2 has been added to Netflix and I shamelessly binged the whole thing in two days. I can’t wait for part 3!


As much as I haven’t been watching a lot of TV, I have watched a tone of films. Choosing only a few was actually a very difficult task but I managed to happily settle on these great pieces:

Peter Rabbit

I went to see this film in the cinema and I absolutely adored it. It was funny, cute, relaxing. I left the cinema with a huge grin on my face. So far, this has been my favourite release in terms of cinema of 2018.

Call Me By Your Name

This was one of the best films I have ever seen in my life. The colours, the atmosphere, the tone of it. The story made me cry both sad and happy tears, I laughed and I had my heart broken. When the film ended, I stared at my screen for a long time afterwards, reflecting on some of the scenes and moments, some of the thoughts I had whilst watching it. It wasn’t just another film, it was an experience. A wonderful, magical experience.

Avengers: Infinity War

I really got into watching MCU films this spring, which, if you ask me, was great timing – considering that Infinity War premiered during this time. I went to see the film alone because none of my geeky friends were nearby but that only made the experience even better, if you ask me. I loved this film and I can’t wait for Avengers 4.

I also feel like I should mention Captain America: Civil War which I only watched this April for the first time and I fell in love with it. Getting back into the MCU was great fun and Natalie and I are even planning on doing a big marathon this summer when we watch all the available films in the space of 4 days (yep, we will require a lot of takeout). I’m super excited!

Handsome Devil

This Irish comedy-drama film is an absolute hidden gem that I discovered on Netflix by accident and I am so happy I did. It’s a different take on an LGBTQ+ films: you have two main protagonists, both are gay, but they actually don’t fall in love: they become friends. Their bond was beautiful, and I really liked that there was no romance forced on the viewer. Plus, Andrew Scott’s character was absolutely brilliant. There was this one line he said that I keep thinking about all the time: If you spend your life being someone else, who’s gonna be you?


Edward St. Aubyn – Never Mind (Patrick Melrose #1)

never mind

I started reading the Patrick Melrose novels after watching the trailer for the new TV adaptation starring Benedict Cumberbatch. I knew I wanted to watch the show, but I also knew I would love the books. So far I have finished book number 1 (Never Mind) and I am in love with it. Sure, it’s horrifying, and I can’t read too much at once otherwise I feel sick to my stomach. But it’s just one of those stories that you can’t read yet you desperately want to. I am excited to see what’s next and to watch the show when I finish the books.


Interactive Introverts

If you watch YouTube, I’m sure you’ve at least heard about Dan and Phil. I have been watching their videos for a long time now and when they announced they were going on tour, I knew I wanted to go. The last time they were on tour I was living in the CR and they didn’t go there (no one goes there, to be fair) but this time I was in Glasgow. My flatmate and I bought the tickets and I am so happy we did. It was fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. You can check out their tour dates here, if you are interested.



There is this huge stigma about fanfiction that I really hate. When you tell people you read fanfiction, they look at you weirdly. I mean, I get it. Not all of it is good, some of it is a bit too… explicit, let’s say, and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But there are some wonderful perks to reading fanfiction and I will talk about those in a post I am planning to write. For now though, I’d just like to say that reading fanfiction has helped me get through exam period and I am grateful to some of those authors out there for it. By far the best one I’ve read recently is just say you do which you can check out here.


And that’s it. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading. Let me know what things you have been loving this year. I hope you have a great day.

Veronika x

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