Exams are over and apparently I’m a nerd.

It as been ten days since my last exam. It has also been far too long since my last blog post. So, here I am, trying to make things right and get back into blogging semi-regularly, because I enjoy it and I did actually miss it a lot.

As this is now almost a tradition, I decided to catch you guys up on what has been happening in my life during the last few weeks. For some unexplicable reason people seem to enjoy these, even though I am not 100% sure why someone would care about my daily mishaps. But hey, if you like it and it makes you feel good, who am I to deny you these? (To be fair, I quite enjoy writing them anyway.)

So, what’s new in my life you ask? Well…

Exams, exams and… more exams (+ an essay).

Anyone who is a university student will relate to this. Exam period is hard work. You drink too much coffee, eat disgustingly unhealthy food, sleep a maximum of 4 hours a day and your skin starts breaking out like you’re 15 again. Fun times, right?

This year I’ve had my fair share of exams – 2 oral exams, 5 written ones and on top of all that I also had to hand in an essay. Now, I know that it all works differently in different countries, but having 7 exams is A LOT for the UK (or for Scotland anyway). Most of my friends had the healthy amount of 3-5 exams. Some of my fellow students were finished with their exams before I even properly started. So yeah. I had a blast.

To be fair, I did kind of enjoy it. As much as I didn’t particularly love the fact that all my efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle went to the dogs, I do enjoy my courses and I love learning more about all the things we’re doing. Would I prefer it all to be more chill and less “get-the-right-marks-or-you’re-outta-here”? Sure. But hey, life’s not perfect. At least I like what I’m doing, right?

(If anyone is interested, I managed to sit all my exams and I think I did rather well, considering the workload and the fact that I also have a part-time job on top of everything.)

Cinema is now my new home.

Since my last post, I’ve been to the cinema 5 times. Now, maybe you’re the kind of person who thinks that that’s not really a lot but considering I’m a student, going to the cinema approx. 2 times a month is amazing and I will fight anyone who disagrees.

See, going to the cinema is the best kind of social situation. You go somewhere, usually with people (okay, maybe 2 of those 5 times I actually went alone but… shh), and then you sit and watch a film on the big screen and it’s all exciting and great. Plus, you’re actually expected not to talk to people. How brilliant is that?!


The films I went to see were the following: Peter Rabbit, Ready Player One, Avengers: Infinity War and Solo: A Star Wars Story. (Yes, I realize that’s only 4 and I said I went 5 times. So what if I went to see one of those twice? Sue me.)

There are many more films coming out this summer that I really really want to see on the big screen so chances are I’ll talk about this again.

Holidays? Oh, you mean time to study some more.

When people ask me what I’m doing this summer, my go-to answer is: “Oh, well I’m staying in Glasgow til end of July and I’ll mostly just be working and then I’m going to Italy for 10 days.” Not that this isn’t an accurate description of what my plans are, but it omits this huge part of my summer plans: studying.

I know, I know. I just had a rant about exams and how exhausting they are and I should really use this summer to relax and enjoy myself. The thing is, what I really enjoy is learning. Learning new things, new skills, new ideas. So if I were to describe what my actual summer will look like, it would go something like this:

“So, I’ll be working half of the days until the end of July and then I’m going to Italy, but mostly I’ll just be closed up in my room, reading all the books I bought, trying to get more fluent in German, Italian and Japanese, maybe looking a bit into ASL and BSL because one of those is probably going to end up being the next language I’ll learn. Also, I’ll be doing some online courses just for fun, possibly some literature ones but I’d also like to learn something more about the environment and, most importantly, mental health. I also want to watch all these famous films that I’ve heard so much about but never actually seen them because… I don’t know why, but I just want to watch all the oldies and be a cultured person, alright? Oh, and yes, I did make myself a summer study plan and a reading list. Ooops.”

There is a reason why I don’t say this to other people. Mostly because when someone asks you about your summer plans, they’re only making small talk and they don’t actually care. Learned that the hard way. (It’s totally a UK thing, Czech people don’t make small talk. If they don’t care, they just stare you down.)


So, all in all, I’m back, I’ll be writing some new posts and I’m hyped for all the free time I’ll have, just so I can fill it with even more responsibilities than I had during the year. And how have you been?

Veronika x

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