7 Books I want to read in 2018

I have always loved reading ever since my tenth birthday when I received ‘Love Lessons’ by Jacqueline Wilson and fell in love with it. For the next 6 years I have been constantly reading, all the time, everywhere. But then things changed – I still love reading but it’s hard for me to find time for it. Don’t get me wrong, I probably have the time – but whenever I pick up a book I feel as though I should be doing something else.

For the last 5 years of my life I have been trying hard to read more, to get back into the whole ‘book obsession’ – sometimes I was successful, sometimes not so much. One of my 2018 New Year’s resolutions was to read more: and that’s what I’ve been trying really hard to do. So far I’ve finished 3 books (not including any compulsory reading for my uni course) – but I still want to read so much more. That’s why I decided to write about it here, on the blog – maybe it will motivate me, right?

So, without any further ado – here are the 7 books that I really want to read in 2018:

1) Persuasion by Jane Austen


One of the books I’ve already finished this year is Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. I was excited to read it and when I actually started, I instantly fell in love with it. And since I loved it so much, I want to read more of Austen’s books (I have also read Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility). The next one on my list is Persuasion – I am really intrigued about this one because from what I know about it, Persuasion is the most mature of Austen’s books. I honestly can’t wait to get started.

2) A Dance with Dragons by George R. R. Martin

a dance with dragons

Finishing A Song of Ice and Fire series has been a very long quest of mine. Last year I finally finished A Feast for Crows and now it’s time for me to go through the so-far last book of the series. I actually enjoy the series a lot, but man, it is long! Anyway, as I see it, A Dance with Dragons will be a great summer read.

3) Wonder by R. J. Palacio


This book has been on my list for almost 4 years now! I know, right? I finally bought it last December and now it’s sitting on my shelf, waiting to be read. Also, they recently made a film of it and I really want to watch that too – but first, I need to read the book.

4) A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

a brief history of time

Another book that has been on my shelf for forever but is still to be read. This one is a bit different to the others because I can’t just go and read it all at once. I really want to learn and discover new things I didn’t know before and I believe this book is a great way to do that. Hopefully this year is the year.

5) The Time Machine by H. G. Wells

the time machine

All I know about this book is the name and the fact that it’s a famous classic. I don’t know anything else about it which makes it even more intriguing as that doesn’t usually happen with books that are considered to be classics. This one is pretty high up on my list honestly, because I just love everything to do with time travel.

6) Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson

oranges are not the only fruit

I only heard about this book recently but it went straight on my priority reading list. It’s supposed to be a powerful story about a woman coming out as gay. What makes this book interesting in my eyes is that it isn’t a super recent release: it was actually first published in 1985.

7) The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern’s Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure by William Goldman

the princess bride

Do I have to say more? I just want to read this as soon as possible.


There are of course many other books that I am dying to finally start reading. These are, however, the ones that are now on the top of my list. Have you read any of these? What are your books that you want to read in 2018? Let me know!

Veronika x


2 thoughts on “7 Books I want to read in 2018

  1. I love your post! I think I will borrow a book or two from it and write it on my list. Also, I really admire you for having read almost all of the Song of Ice and Fire books – I am not even in the middle of the Game of Thrones, haha! However, summer is coming and I am excited to get into it and finally finish it. I am really interested in the Oranges book as well, especially if it’s that old! Great read Xx


    1. Thank you so much for you lovely comment!! x Haha I get what you mean with ASOIAF bc it’s taken me ages to get where I’m at right now. They’re quite good books actually, I just find that I need to be in a specific Westeros mood for it tho.
      And yes, I’m so excited for Oranges, it should be really good!


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