Darryl Whitefeather Is The Bisexual Character We All Deserve

For the last couple of days I’ve been doing a massive binge-watching session of the series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I’ve heard about the show before but I didn’t know much about it. But then on one lazy afternoon, after finishing Everything Sucks! and wanting to watch some more relatable LGBT content, I decided to google. And I googled and googled and finally settled on watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend because of two things the show promised: super weird songs and a bi character.

Now, I don’t want to get into talking about the show itself (hey, maybe next time) but I wanted to say a few words about “the bi character”. His name is Darryl and I’d just like to say…

Thank you. Thank you, people making the show, for giving me this character. Honestly? This is all I’ve been waiting for since the day I realized I’m bi (well, you know, if it came out sooner, maybe I would’ve too, but that’s another story).

Now it’s true I’m not gay…I Darryl Whitefeather like both sexes, I’m both-sexual! God, it feels so good just to say that out loud!

Darryl is great. He is a funny, goofy and loveable character. There is a lot more to him than his sexuality, yet his sexuality is a big deal (he calls a meeting and sings a whole song as him coming out, for God’s sake). He would’ve probably been my favourite character even without being bi (so hey, great that he has a personality beyond who he’s attracted to) but the way his sexuality’s been dealt with in the show just makes me love him & the whole thing even more.

We’re fancy, deal with it!

He’s a guy who’s been married to a woman for a very long time. He gets divorced. He meets a guy. He gets confused. We see him struggling with the fact that he is attracted to this new man in his life, because he has always been into women and he still is. But it doesn’t take too long for him to realize that he is, in fact, bisexual.

The story is fun and light-hearted. And it makes me smile because I see this character going through the same things I’ve been through and I finally feel like there is someone out there I can really relate to. Nowadays there are many great bisexual characters on TV but most of them are already really confident or don’t make a big deal of their sexuality. They are usually already “out” or at least past the stage of figuring out who they are. Darryl is not like that and honestly it’s a breath of fresh air.

Darryl has many great moments and most of them are not related to him being bisexual but there are enough to make me feel happy and go “same” every now and then. After so many TV Shows I finally feel like I’ve found the one that speaks about who I am.

Do you have any magazines with men in them? *woman gives him the magazine and tries to take the one with women from him* No, no, no, I’d like to keep them both.

What are some of your favourite TV characters that make you feel represented? Let me know in the comments! (Seriously, it doesn’t have to be just LGBT related, I feel like nowadays it is hard to genuinely find someone on TV who feels like a real person.)


3 thoughts on “Darryl Whitefeather Is The Bisexual Character We All Deserve

  1. Honestly, this sounds sooo good! It’s true that nowadays it’s very hard to find a character that feels real. I love how unique this character is and that out of them all he’s bi. I feel like there is a majority of gay/lesbian characters if it actually comes to the LGBT on TV. It’s refreshing to see someone bisexual in series, especially if it’s a man because I think that’s even less common. Loved this post xx

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