Netflix Recommendations III: 5 Things to Watch

Like every anti-social millennial ever, I spend a lot of time on Netflix. Like, a lot a lot. So much so that if I type the letter ‘n’ in my browser, Netflix is the first thing that comes up, beating my own blog and also my online banking. Oops.

As I watch so much Netflix, I feel like it is my duty to pass on my knowledge and write these posts about the things I watch. You know, so other people don’t have to face the cruel reality of social life and have some ideas for the sweet escape that Netflix so kindly provides. I’ve already done two of these (one on Once Upon a Time and one on The Crown) and I decided to spice things up a little with part 3: that is, I will recommend 5 series, not just one! How crazy is that?!


Atypical is a recent Netflix original and something that I have thoroughly enjoyed from the first episode to the last. It’s about a boy on the autistic spectrum, Sam, and his search for a girlfriend. The show is really funny, light-hearted but also discusses some important issues about autism and how it affects the lives of Sam and the people close to him. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a show like this one, and I am certainly looking forward to when season 2 comes out.

Terrace House: Opening New Doors

I was so excited for this one to come out. After watching Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City, I fell in love with the whole concept. I am not usually one to enjoy reality TV, but a Japanese reality TV show… I mean, that’s something completely different! I love learning so much about the culture and seeing normal Japanese people interact (my very blunt Czech nature is nothing like theirs which makes it super interesting).

I have seen all the episodes that are on Netflix in only 2 days (to be fair, I was off sick! and it’s only 8 episodes…) and I must say I am completely in love with this new season. If you want something different to what you would usually watch, give Terrace House a go. I have not yet met anyone who gave the show a go and ended up not loving it.


As always, I am quite late to the party: I only started watching Riverdale in February. But I totally love it. In case you are like me and you managed to avoid it, let me tell you something about this show: Riverdale is a teenage drama based on the Archie comics characters with a dark twist (a murder of one of the students of Riverdale High). Honestly, this show is so much better than I can possibly explain, and I loved learning about who killed Jason (and oh man, was I shocked).

Season 2 is currently happening, so now would be a good time to start binge-watching.

(Also, Cole Sprouse from Zack and Cody is there. And he got handsome.)

Back to the Future Trilogy

I couldn’t possibly write this post without mentioning my all-time favourite films now, could I? The Back to the Future films are certainly not new, however they were only recently added to Netflix and I couldn’t resist watching them again.

If you’ve never seen these films, trust me and go watch them right now. It has time travel, a super cool car, a cute dog named Einstein, a crazy scientist and a relatable high school student. Also, the plots are super funny, interesting, intriguing and complicated at the same time. Seriously. Go watch it.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Last but not least, this film. I am a huge Jane Austen fan and when this film first came out, I was sceptical. I didn’t want any zombie apocalypse added to one of my favourite stories. But I went to see it anyway, because, you know, Lena Headey and Matt Smith. And I instantly fell in love with it! It’s hilarious, action-packed and surprisingly faithful to the original. Also, how come Mr. Darcy can be so dreamy in any interpretation of the book there is?

Well, I found out it’s on Netflix so guess what’s happening tonight… again.

(But seriously, I highly recommend this film to anyone, Jane Austen fans, haters or not-give-a-damn-ers. It’s brilliant.)


These are my five recommendations for a Netflix binge-watch session. Let me know in the comments if you’ve heard of some of these & if you like them. I’d also like to hear any of your recommendations – I strongly believe that a Netflix list is never too long!

Veronika x

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