Back on track: Germany, veganism and classics

Well. It has now been more than a month since the last time I wrote a post. (That is well shameful!~ says my Catherine Tate inner fangirl) I think it’s time to fix that, don’t you?

To explain what has been happening in my life would probably take too long and it wouldn’t be too interesting anyway. Instead of talking about the past, I wanted to focus on the future: that is, to share with you some of my plans for the next couple of months and what they mean for you, my dear readers.

Moving to Hannover

Machsee in Hannover – Wikipedia

This one is possibly the one furthest in the future but it is also the most exciting one. As you may have already known, I study languages: specifically German and Italian. As part of my degree, I have to spend overall 3 semesters abroad – and the first part of this adventure begins the coming September. For my third year at university, I am moving to Germany to study at Leibniz Universität Hannover. I am super excited about this and honestly can’t wait for this new adventure to begin.

My six-month veganniversary


I am proud to announce that I have been on a vegan diet for six months now! This change, even though sometimes a challenging one, has been most rewarding and I am so happy that I actually went through with it. I have been feeling so much healthier, have lost weight and I am now much less tired than I used to be. I feel more connected to animals and nature than I’ve ever felt before and overall this has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.

Reading and watching the classics


One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2018 was to read and watch more books & films that are considered classics. This is because, as a huge nerd & geek, I have always felt like I have this big knowledge gap when it comes to some of the most well-known and loved classics. With films it usually comes down to my parents not watching that much television when I was a child (resulting in me never having seen Star Wars before the age of 18). When it comes to books, I feel as though I have read a good share of classics but not nearly as many as I would’ve liked. Therefore I decided that 2018 is going to be my “classics year” – I have already started this so-far-amazing journey and I decided that I will be sharing it with you via this blog: so get ready for some exciting posts coming your way soon! (Hint: there was a 200 year anniversary of this one amazing book by a great authoress.)


These are all the things I wanted to share with you today. Have a lovely day and I will hopefully see you soon, when my next post comes out!

Veronika xxx

4 thoughts on “Back on track: Germany, veganism and classics

  1. Good for you! It’s a great idea to focus more on classics both in literature and cinematography. I might try that as well (hello, Pride and Prejudice chilling on my shelf, I am looking at you, darling) – let’s be honest here, my culture gap is not any smaller than yours, haha. Wishing you the best for when you’re in Hannover! xx

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