When things go wrong | My weekend from hell

Some days are good. Some days are bad. Sometimes everything goes wrong and there is nothing you could’ve done to prevent it. This is the story of the last few days of my life, and all the things that went wrong.

The backround


As you may or may not know, I live in Glasgow. However, I went home for the holidays and I spent around three weeks in the Czech Republic. It was great, I got to see my family and friends and overall I had a lovely time. One thing that wasn’t that great though, was the fact that I caught this horrible cold a few days before I was supposed to get back to Glasgow. So I had to take two flights with a violent cough and an abnormally huge amount of tissues. Great start, right?

The lost suitcase

When the day of my return to Glasgow came, I was both sad and excited. I love my life in Glasgow and I genuinely love my uni course, so I was all ready to get back to my study routine. Even so, it’s always sad to leave my family knowing that I won’t get to see them for a good few months.


Anyway, I had to take two planes, one flying from Prague to London – Heathrow and the other one from Heathrow to Glasgow. It was going to be a long day for me and I felt very weak and ill. I didn’t have the best time ever as my head really hurt whilst on the plane and by the end of the journey I was super exhausted. I just wanted to grab my suitcase and get home as soon as possible.

However, that wasn’t meant to be. After waiting for about 20 minutes, I realized my suitcase was not there, on the belt, in Glasgow, where it was supposed to be. I had to go talk to some people and file a report of a missing bag. Great, I thought as I got home, suitcase-less and panicked. (The suitcase had my best clothes in it, and all the things I got for Christmas.)


The fridge incident

That day I got home around 10 pm and I was all ready to make some hot tea, calm myself down while drinking it, and then go straight into bed, trying to forget about this suitcase thing. Again, how wrong I was to think things would go that smoothly.


When put the kettle on, I decided to look in our fridge and check what’s in it. Big mistake, I should’ve left it for the next day. Why? Because when I opened it, I realized my roommate left a lemon in and the whole fridge was covered in the most disgusting mould. So there I was, cold, sniffy, without a suitcase and with a horrible headache, putting gloves on and cleaning the fridge at 11 pm, right after spending around 10 hours travelling. It was horrible.

The freezer incident

The next day I was all nervous about my suitcase and whether British Airways will actually manage to locate it. When my flatmate arrived, I was in a bad mood. I explained what happened with my suitcase and with the fridge. She offered to do a second cleaning of the fridge, just so we are sure that there’s no ‘leftover mould’ anywhere.

We then went food shopping and things felt a little bit better. I also got a text that they found my suitcase and they were going to send it to Glasgow today. Yay! But when we got home and I opened the freezer to put the frozen veggies I just bought in it, I was met with the most horrific and disgusting view in my life.


The freezer was filled with mouldy water. Like literally, green water with the most horrendous smell. I almost threw up. Luckily, my flatmate took care of it and cleaned the whole freezer. It was still a mystery though: how did water get into a freezer?

The broken fridge

The fridge broke, that’s how. Somehow over the course of us being away for three weeks, our fridge stopped working. Not in a very obvious way that you would notice though, in a sneaky way, so things aren’t too simple and boring. Turns out that the fridge light works, the fridge noise works, but the fridge cooling system doesn’t. Which means the fridge looks and sounds like it’s working, but it’s not really doing its job at all. Great.

The ‘new fridge’

When you’re a student, you do weird things. Like hang your food in plastic bags out of the window so it doesn’t go bad. I’m sure the neighbours are thrilled.


The suitcase reunion

On Sunday, I was exhausted. I still didn’t have my suitcase, my headache got even worse and our whole flat smelled really bad. The one thing that was keeping my spirits up was the fact that I was to get my suitcase back that afternoon.

Which I did.

Which didn’t go too great.

Because, well, the zip is broken, and I now have to file a complaint and deal with that. Yipee.

The election

My candidate, Marek Hilšer

Also, as university started again on Monday, I found out that to vote in the Czech presidential elections, I would have to go to London. From Glasgow. Which is both time-wise and financially impossible for me, so yay, I get to be the annoying person who doesn’t vote. Lucky me.


And here you have it, this is how my 2018 started. How’s yours been so far? Hopefully better than mine.

To finish this off, I’d just like to say this: when I think about it now, it’s actually kind of hilarious. I always say that I am unlucky in life and that bad or weird things keep happening to me. These last days were good for one thing: I now get to say: ‘I told you so!’ to anyone who ever doubted my lack of luck.


6 thoughts on “When things go wrong | My weekend from hell

  1. Aww, poor you! But don’t worry, those were just a few bad things that accumulated in a short period of time. And besides, I reckon you’ve run out of bad luck for a long time, now. Stay positive, love ya xx

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