Where I travelled in 2017 | Amsterdam, Edinburgh and more

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2017 was to travel more. I’d say I was actually quite successful with that, considering the fact that I am a poor student in a very expensive country who has both uni and work commitments. And because most of my travels were not featured on this blog (as it is quite a new one), I decided to share with you some of my highlights of my travels in 2017.

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


My first travel destination of 2017 was Edinburgh. I went with my friends Denisa and Kristyna for a day trip there. It was my first time in Scotland’s capital and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The city was amazing: historical buildings and beautiful architecture everywhere. My favourite part was when we climbed Calton Hill: we got to see the whole city from up above and even though it was very cold, I was just super happy at that moment.



York, England, UK


In March I went on what probably was my first ever trip completely alone. Earlier in the year I found out that Mark Gatiss was coming to York to do a panel at a literature festival. I immediately knew I had to go as I absolutely adore him and his writing. However, I didn’t know anyone who would be willing to go with me and since I knew I couldn’t not go, I decided to go alone.

And let me tell you: it was worth it. Everything I did was exactly what I wanted to do, no one bugged me when I wanted to eat or sit, no one was annoyed when I decided to both explore the city and do some shopping. Also I talked to random people throughout the day (which is a big achievement for someone with social anxiety) and overall had the best time. I got to see the historical city of York and Mark actually signed my book. What else is there, really?



Denisa and I went on another trip together this year: this one was in summer and it was through Slovakia, the neighbouring country of the Czech Republic. We spent 5 days in the country and we got to see quite a lot of places.



The first place we went to was Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. We spent a whole day in the city and we had the best guide ever, Lukáš (he and Denisa knew each other from their trip to Indonesia). It was a very enjoyable experience and we both agreed that Bratislava is such an interesting capital city: it feels like a big city but it’s not overcrowded as most capitals are and it might actually be a very nice place to live.

brati 2




We also went to this other quite important city in Slovakia called Košice. This was one of the best days of the whole trip. The city was gorgeous, calm and tranquil. We strolled through the centre, spent a lot of time in the park, went for a coffee and read our books near a fountain. It was super relaxing and I honestly want to go there again.



Slovak Paradise


The most challenging part of our trip was definitely Slovak Paradise. We spent two nights in a tent (which was fine, the tent building was actually more difficult then sleeping in it) and went on an excruciatingly long walk to see waterfalls and nature of the Paradise. It was beautiful but I honestly thought my legs were going to fall off. Also I came down with a really bad cold by then which didn’t make the hike any easier.

(We then had to spent a night in a B&B in Žilina as I was really sick.)




Last but not least, we went to Bojnice. It is a small town in Slovakia with the most gorgeous castle I’ve ever seen. To be completely honest, there is not much else to see except for the castle, the whole town is quite touristy and expensive (plus I was still feeling quite unwell so there was that, I guess). However, the castle really looks like something from a fairytale, like the Disney castles you see. If you ever have the chance, go check it out. It is amazing.

Moravia, Czech Republic


This year I also went on my first ever cycling holiday. I went with my family (parents and sister) for like 5 days and we went to Moravia, my favourite part of the Czech Republic. We cycled a lot, but we also played mini-golf, visited an aquarium and got to see some towns we’ve never been to (like Uherské Hradiště, Modrá and Staré Město). I really enjoyed it, though my butt hurt for the next two weeks from the cycling. Ouch!



Amsterdam, the Netherlands


There are two whole posts about the week I spent in Amsterdam. It was, to be honest, the best trip I went on this year. I loved the city so much and I honestly can’t wait to go to the Netherlands again and visit more of the beautiful and interesting country!







Nekropolis, Glasgow, Scotland, UK


Finally, I also managed to visit the famous Nekropolis in Glasgow. I’ve lived in the city for more than a year now but I only visited this place in October, when my friend Natalie came to visit. It was really creepy but also beautiful (you know, in a death-like sort of way). I really need to explore more of Glasgow’s hidden gems.


These are all of my travels from 2017. Overall, I’m really happy about all the places I visited and I hope I’ll get to see even more in 2018.

What were some of your favourite places you visited in 2017? Is there a place I definitely need to go to? Let me know in the comments, I really love reading them!

Veronika x

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