November Favourites: Nerd Edition

Does anyone else feel like this year has just gone by? Honestly, I swear April was like three weeks ago! Anyway, unless my calendar is lying, it is now December: which means it’s time for exams, deadlines and stressful Christmas shopping. But before all of that, I’d like to reflect on this past month with my favourites!


You’re So Vain – Carly Simon

Let me get one thing straight: my musical favourites are never going to be actual current music. But if you’re ever looking for some good oldies, you can count on me! This 70s song is just one of the best things I’ve ever heard, I swear. Just give it a listen, you’ll be obsessed too, I promise!

L’Italiano (Lasciatemi Cantare) – Toto Cutugno

As I listened to a lot of Italian songs in October, YouTube kept on suggesting more and more of them. And how happy I am about that! This song was amongst the many suggestions and I can’t stop singing it. Especially in the mornings when I’m getting ready. It’s so addictive! Also, neighbours, I don’t care I’m loud: LASCIATEMI CANTARE!


Once Upon a Time: Season 7

New season of Once Upon a Time is now on Netflix!

The new season is upon us and I am loving it. You can read about it here, I actually wrote a whole post on the series!


The Age of Adaline

I’ve been meaning to watch this film ever since the trailer came out. And I’ve finally done it this month! If you ever feel like watching a slightly philosophical romantic film with great cast (Blake Lively is brilliant in it and there is Harrison Ford, what else could you possibly want). I really enjoyed it and I cried a lot during some scenes. Perfect for a night in with a cup of tea and loads of tissues.


The Visit – Friedrich Dürrenmatt


I realize most of my book favourites are just the things I read for uni but, honestly, they are so great this year! If you feel like reading a great and funny play about collective guilt, questionable morality and how money can buy everything, read The Visit. It’s really ridiculous and wonderfully weird but it also leaves you wondering about humanity (and how awful we all really are).

The Black Spider – Jeremias Gotthelf


I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that terrified me as much as this one did. (And yes, I have read some Stephen King.) This novella is a great afternoon read, especially during the autumnal season. The main topics are community, collective v individual guilt and taking responsibility for your actions. There’s also a strong religious theme but honestly, even if you’re not exactly god-fearing, this story is just so easy to get into. Just maybe make sure that there’s not black spiders hanging about in your room, otherwise you’ll be scared to death.



I am a control freak. A big one. Which means a lot of things, one of them being I have already started (and finished) most of my Christmas shopping. Etsy has been my favourite place for finding gifts for people: their all hand-made, creative and just unique! There’s no place like Etsy if you want something unforgettable and special. Also, who doesn’t like supporting minor artists?


Let me know what were some of your favourites this month!


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