Busy bee | Second year is hard, man!

I haven’t posted anything during the last month (or a bit over a month, okay, I get it). Oops.

I would say I’m sorry but that wouldn’t be right: I mean, I am sorry that I didn’t have time to write something but I actually didn’t have time. But now I am back and even though there are still many things going on in my life right now, I am ready to come back to my blog and try to keep up with my newest schedule!

As my comeback post, I decided to write some of the things I achieved/did/failed last month. It was a really busy time for me and I’m honestly so happy that it’s slowing down for a bit now. Yay!

1) I moved to a new flat in Glasgow.


Maybe you know this, maybe you don’t – I live in Glasgow, Scotland. I moved here last year when I started university and this is my second year in the city. Last year I stayed in halls in a room I shared with one of my friends. It was… alright. I mean, it wasn’t half as bad as I’d thought it would be but after a year living there, I really wanted some more privacy… and silence. You know, less drunk people running in the hallway, not letting you sleep even though you have exam/work/early morning lecture tomorrow.

So this year my roommate and I decided to rent a flat in the city instead. We now live in a small flat which is circa half an hour on foot from uni. The flat has two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom: it’s nothing huge or luxurious but the rooms are quite spacious and overall I can’t complain. It literally took me a week to unpack all my things and get everything sorted in my room but now I’m really happy with the place and everytime I come back after a long day at uni, I am so happy to be here: it actually feels like home to me.

2) I started second year at uni.


You now know that I am a student. I study German and Italian at University of Glasgow. I successfully finished last year with pretty good grades so I started second year this September. I am so excited to be learning new stuff and I also took up Japanese this year and I am loving it.

Again, uni is one of those things that has really kept me busy during the last month. I mean, the first week of this year was harder than the whole first semester last year. I’m not even kidding. (Nevertheless, I’m really enjoying this year. I’m such a nerd.)

3) I went vegan.


During the past year or two I’ve been trying to cut out animals products – especially from my diet. I had my ups and downs: I had months when I didn’t have any meat and then a week when I would only eat dairy and meat stuff. But during this summer I had some time to actually think everything through, sort out all my thoughts and concerns, read up about everything necessary and just prepare myself mentally. And I did it! Starting September I turned vegan. It’s been a great month so far and even though I’m still learning stuff every day, I can already feel the change and I love it!

4) I started a bullet journal.


This may not seem like a big deal compared to the other points I mentioned but it actually is: it means I am getting a bit more organized. I love organizing, I love tables and symmetry and tidy spaces but I am oh so bad at actually keeping any of these in order. I always give up. Nevertheless it’s been almost two months of my successful bullet journaling and it’s making my life much more clear and organized (also easier because I’m not constantly forgetting about stuff).


Now, there are many other things I had the (dis)pleasure to do during these last days but I will not bore you with all of them. Some are less happy than other but oh well, that’s life for you. I will try to keep on posting a bit more regularly now: maybe one or two posts a week (and let’s be honest, if it’s two than I am extremely lucky that week).

Until then, have a nice day and don’t forget to relax! 🙂


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