Ranking Game of Thrones Seasons 1-7

Game of Thrones – almost everyone’s favourite TV Show. A show so popular that even my parents from the Czech Republic who don’t really care for foreign TV have heard of it. A show so popular that I genuinly cannot think of anyone who has not seen at least one episode of it. Well, what can I say – it’s just great.

Since season 7 finished not long ago, I’ve been thinking about GoT a lot. About the characters, the plot, what’s going to happen next etc. I knew I wanted to write something about it and to be completely honest, I got like a hundred different ideas for posts (not all of them good, of course). And since there are now 7 seasons out there, I thought it might be a good idea to try and rank them from the worst to the best season. Because who doesn’t like a good ranking list?

If you aren’t familiar with the show then consider yourself warned: there will be some spoilers in this post. Sorry.

7) Season 5


I’m not saying I hate this season – I really don’t. To be completely honest, there is not much I hate about Game of Thrones (if there even is something). But for me, season 5 is the weakest one yet. I didn’t really enjoy the plot in Dorne and I didn’t really understand what was happening in Mereen with the Sons of the Harpy.

There are some great moments and episodes, of course, just not as many as I would expect for GoT. When I’m rewatching the whole series, I usually tend to skip some parts of this season.

Rating: 3/5

Favourite episode: Mother’s Mercy (Episode 10)

Favourite moments: (when I say favourite, I don’t necessarily say I enjoyed watching them, just that I think they are great moments that left me speechless)

  • Hardhome
  • Shireen being burnt alive (I still consider this the worst thing that has ever happened in Game of Thrones)
  • Theon pushing Myranda, then escaping Winterfell with Sansa
  • Jaime’s confession to Myrcella (oh, how bittersweet this scene was)

6) Season 2


Have I said this is really hard for me? I really love the whole thing. I guess season 2 just has less memorable moments than the other seasons – I just don’t remember much that happened. Every other season has at least one big moment that sticks with me (ehm ehm, Red Wedding) but all I can remember about season 2 is that it’s the season Brienne was introduced (which is great, I’m not complaining about that).

Rating: 3/5

Favourite episode: Valar Morghulis (Episode 10)

Favourite moments:

  • Tyrion finding out which member of the small council is Cersei’s spy by tricking Pycelle, Varys and Littlefinger
  • Joffrey agreeing to marry Margaery instead of Sansa
  • Arya saying Jaqen’s name to convince him to kill more people
  • Every scene with Arya and Tywin Lannister together

5) Season 1


Season 1 is a classic, it’s the one that started it all. I really love it with all my heart. I mean, it made me obsessed with the show in the first place. I specifically remember watching the first episode thinking “oh, this little Bran guy is going to be my favourite character” only to be extremely shocked by the final scene of the episode. Season 1 had loads of shocking moments which perfectly prepared us for all the seasons and terrors to come.

Rating: 4/5

Favourite episode: Baelor (Episode 9)

Favourite moments:

  • King’s arrival at Winterfell (that soundtrack!)
  • Bronn volunteering to fight for Tyrion in the Eyrie
  • The birth of the dragons
  • Joffrey making Sansa watch her father’s head (I thought I was going to punch the TV)

4) Season 3


Oh my god. Some serious sh*t happened in this season. Much like episode 9 in the first season, this season had some gruesome, game-changing episodes and moments. So much happened in this season I wouldn’t be able to explain it all. Every episode brought something new and exciting to the whole series and some of the best moments in the entire show happened during this season.

Rating: 4.5/5

Favourite episode: Kissed by Fire (Episode 5)

Favourite moments:

  • Jaime and Brienne in the bathtub
  • Brienne fighting a bear
  • Sansa and Tyrion getting married
  • Red Wedding (still not over that)
  • Dany freeing the Unsullied
  • Ramsay and the sausage scene (still shook about that)

3) Season 6


It is fairly obvious that I love all the seasons. Even though season 3 arguably has more important and famous scenes, these top three seasons are my favourite because they contain my personal favourite moments and everytime I watch a random episode from these 3, I enjoy it very much.

Season 6 is like a great mixture of both great and satisfying moments and horrible terrifying ones. I mean, Jon lives and he is reunited with Sansa, Ramsay finally meets his end… but then you have Rickon and Margaery and Tommen… Oh god, this season is just a rollercoaster of emotions.

Rating: 5/5

Favourite episode: Battle of the Bastards (Episode 9)

Favourite moments:

  • The whole of episode 9, I just love it
  • Tommen jumping (there was something so poetic and beautiful about the simplicity of this scene, it’s honestly one of my favourite deaths)
  • Lancel trying and failing to blow out the candle
  • Jaime and Brienne reunited
  • Hodor 😦

2) Season 4


I’ve heard some people complaining about this season and saying that not much happened. I couldn’t disagree more. I thought loads happened in this season. The reason it is one of my all time favourites is the whole Tyrion trial – I found it so emotional and his confession speech is still one of the most powerful moments yet. Plus, you know, Purple Wedding.

Rating: 5/5

Favourite episode: The Lion and The Rose (Episode 2)

Favourite moments:

  • Purple Wedding
  • Littlefinger pushing Lysa (she was horrendous)
  • Tyrion’s confession
  • Jaime rescuing Tyrion
  • Arya laughing at the Hound when she hears the news about her aunt being dead
  • the Hound and Brienne fighting
  • Oberyn and the Mountain fighting

1) Season 7


Again, so many people are complaining about the newest season while I actually thought it was the best one yet. If season 8 is as great as this one is, I’m going to be sooo happy. Season 7 was much more fast-paced then previous seasons were but I didn’t really mind. It felt fitting. Everything started untangling and I got totally obsessed and couldn’t think about anything else for 7 weeks straight. I mean, I’m still not over it.

Rating: 5/5

Favourite episode: The Dragon and The Wolf (Episode 7)

Favourite moments:

  • Fuck loyalty!
  • Euron making fun of Jaime
  • Theon finally maning up and deciding to save Yara
  • Olenna’s death scene
  • Tormund talking about how he wants to have giant babies with Brienne
  • Jaime leaving Cersei
  • Davos thinking Gendry might still be rowing
  • Basically every battle scene that happened during this season


Okay, this is it. Tell me in the comments what your thoughts on this matter are. What is your favourite season? Your favourite moments? Do you agree with my ranking or do you think it’s all wrong? Let me know, I love a discussion!

Veronika x

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