My Uni Looks Like Hogwarts! | University of Glasgow

Second year is coming and I’m already missing my uni. You’d understand if you knew how amazing it looks. Well… why don’t you have a look yourself?


I remember how I felt when I first arrived in Glasgow and saw my university. It was magical. It was like my Hogwarts letter actually came – just 8 years later. Everything felt surreal. I was in Scotland, in another country, in Glasgow! And my uni looked like freaking Hogwarts! (I’m still not over it.)

I love spending the summer home in the Czech Republic with my family and friends but I’m also starting to miss Glasgow. Well, not so much the city itself (which I also like) but mostly my university. I think going there was one of the best decisions I made.

  This is the place where I would eat my lunch. Usually a Subway sandwich or something pre-made.

If you ever come to Glasgow, come check out our university. It’s beautiful and magnificent and very Hogwarts like!



I fell in love and so will you.


4 thoughts on “My Uni Looks Like Hogwarts! | University of Glasgow

  1. The university of Glasgow looks beautiful! As an American, I’m thoroughly jealous of all of the historical uni buildings in the UK. Mine is quite ordinary and modern.

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    1. Thanks! 🙂 Tbh I feel the same way – where I come from there aren’t many historical buildings at all but Glasgow uni is just a dream come true, I almost cried the first time I saw it! You should do a year abroad in the UK haha 😀


      1. It’s my last year for undergrad, but I’m hoping to find work that sends me to Europe. I was based out of Cambridge this summer, which is also quite lovely but not quite Scotland levels of Hogwarts 🙂

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